artist: Frederik Croene
title: Le Piano Démécanisé
released: 2010
artwork: Joris Verdoodt



A1. Réanimation Forcée
A2. Amour Éternel
A3. Toccata Cardiaque
B1. Poil Palliatif
B2. Gonflammation
B3. Animation Gériatrique
B4. Postludium 'Pour Le Piano'


Review in Vital Weekly 757 by Frans de Waard
Likewise I don't think I heard of Frederik Croene, also from Belgium, before. He performs his music on a 'dismantled' piano, which, if I have to believe the cover of this record, looks like a drum set. It seems to me that much of the music has been played in an improvised manner, but perhaps with his classical training in mind. Also, again, I am not sure but it could very well be that Croene also takes his inspiration from Zen. Sometimes, like in 'Gonflammation', the piano actually sounds like a piano, which is odd if it has been dismantled, but in 'Postludium 'pour le piano', Croene allows external piano sounds in his music. Overall the music has a very contemplative and percussive nature. Either with hands, sticks or bows, he gently approaches the piano and works on it, very much like both a composer, an explorer and an improviser. Croene explores the possibilities in a careful way, almost like a scientist, and let's the results speak for themselves. Hard to place on the scale composition versus improvisation, but throughout very nice.